Forto Strong Coffee

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Forto Strong Coffee

Honey, we shrunk the coffee!

This project brought together two of Studio One Eleven's favorite things – coffee and cool packaging. Resembling a miniature coffee cup, this shot-glass-sized package was designed for a new energy drink that delivers two regular coffee cups’ worth of caffeine in less than 2 oz of liquid. The package structure – complete with a coffee-cup-lid-style snap-on closure – instantly associates the product with coffee for easy differentiation from other energy shots. The coffee connection is reinforced with a brown closure, an embossed “FORTO Strong Coffee” logo on top of the cap, and a dominant brown color motif on the shrink sleeve. The design creates visual fun that catches the shopper’s eye.

For this project, the Studio overcame a number of challenges with regard to filling and sealing the cup – and still produced a perfect miniature version of the coffee cups everyone loves. Creating a manufacturable package presented challenges ranging from the need to hot-fill the product without melting the resin to identifying a liner that would work with the snap-on closure. Solutions included a special polypropylene capable of withstanding 190º filling temperatures and a custom foil-based liner supplied in magazines and affixed before capping. 

The finished package is spill-proof and small enough to toss in a pocket or purse – ready for either a sip or a shot whenever the consumer needs a quick energy boost. 

The package won Silver recognition in the Best Use of Custom Packaging category at the 2016 NACD packaging awards.