Almond Bliss

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Almond Bliss

A blissfully delicious new package. 

An explosion in the almond milk category called for a strongly differentiated package showcasing the health benefits, organic credentials and ‘blissful’ experience of enjoying this new refrigerated product. Rejecting the standard gable-topped milk carton, we selected a PET square bottle to communicate a higher perceived value and to maximize real estate to convey these attributes. The package is wrapped in a four-sided shrink sleeve dominated by a almond graphic on the front panel, evoking both the heart-healthy properties of almonds and the happiness suggested by the Almond Bliss® brand name.

The almond illustration and playful logotype are set against a white backdrop with a subtle bubble pattern, suggesting an ocean of wholesome almond milk bursting with freshness. Clean ingredient statements ranging from the USDA Organic icon to lactose-, gluten- and carrageenan-free claims are prominently positioned on the front along with calorie counts, making it easy for the health-conscious consumers who buy almond milk to find the information that is critical to making the purchase decision.

The left panel tells the Almond Bliss story, the right panel is all-white to reinforce the milkiness of the product inside, and the back panel holds nutrition information. Brown twist closures and the use of brown for most of the billboard text complete the natural look, contributing to the overall ‘good for you’ messaging of the brand. 

Within a few short months of launch Almond Bliss' new package stood out from a field of 340 entries from 30 countries as a finalist in the in the World Beverage Innovation Awards and gained distribution in Sam’s Club.