H2wOw Water Enhancer

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H2wOw Water Enhancer

New product gets great reviews.

Designed by Studio One Eleven for easy one-handed use, this custom squeeze-and-squirt package for the market's first all-natural water enhancer stands out in the $1 billion water flavoring category with a unique silhouette that seems to burst with the fruit with which the product is made.

The package features a 2.1 fl oz HDPE monolayer custom bottle with a distinctive bulge at the shoulder, a stock flip-top closure with a no-drip silicone valve, and a full-body tamperproof shrink sleeve that is perforated at the neck for easy opening. The swelling at the shoulder and the adjacent fresh-cut produce images on the label suggest a ripe piece of fruit, subtly contrasting with competitive products made with artificial ingredients. A side panel announces that the bottle is BPA-free, furthering the all-natural positioning.

The bottle fits comfortably in the palm, easily flips open with a thumb, doesn't leak even when turned upside down, and is small enough to go to the gym or anywhere else the consumer wants to flavor his or her water.

H2wOw skyrocketed to #1 in its category on Amazon's Hot New Release list within six weeks after launch, aided by positive reviews as well as strong packaging that clearly conveys the product story.