IDEATION: The Shower Caddy

IDEATION: The Shower Caddy

The concept: 

In this problem-solving exercise, the Studio explored ways to reduce the waste and labor associated with hospitality packaging via a semi-permanent dispensing system. 

Container: The HDPE bottle features an inverted anti-back-off, twist-to-open valved closure  

Attachment System: A wall-mounted plate with a locking ring and a key  

Why we love it: 

  • Allows facilities managers to refill or replace consumables every few weeks rather than after every night/guest, reducing waste, labor and storage requirements typical with amenities packaging
  • Anti-back-off closure and locking attachment system prevent pilferage and tampering by guests while allowing housekeeping staff to easily replace containers using a provided key
  • Sleek, modern bottle design aesthetic which is easily customized to the shape equities of the brands contained
  • Modular color-coded and decorable lock covers allow for quick and easy updates to product/brand communication
  • Soft mating surfaces on bottle and bracket allow for 360-degree bottle articulation
  • Patent pending

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