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IDEATION: The Sprenade

IDEATION: The Sprenade

The Story: 

In response to a call from Crewest Studio, Studio One Eleven engaged in a freeform exploration to "Paint the Future" with revolutionary spray paint systems for street artists. The Studio met with internationally renowned artist Man One to learn more about street art ethos and culture, and to understand the features and functions that street artists look for in their spray media. We developed a broad range of concepts, including the "Sprenade" system.

Why we love it:

  • Accommodates street artists' individual positioning preferences via 360-degree spray capability
  • Ergonomically-friendly shape makes Sprenade easy to hold and actuate
  • Dispersion pattern and width are customized via interchangeable actuators
  • Soft-touch, poly overshell not only adds comfort for the artist, but also adds thermal insulation to maintain media viscosity over the course of a painting session

What happened:

Our work on the project, including the "Sprenade" concept, headlined a month-long gallery exhibit in Los Angeles. "Canceptual V4" was attended by hundreds of gallery-goers and covered by media ranging from Packaging Design Magazine to Trueculture.

While street art is a niche market, we believe that our research into artists' needs and desires are applicable to DIYers as well. Whether creating a street mural or restoring a vintage lamp, all users want a comfortable grip and better product control.

While Sprenade is a sketch concept, at Studio One Eleven we believe Anything is Possible and are ready to bring fresh thinking to sluggish product categories.