Meguiar's Automotive Products

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Meguiar's Automotive Products

Turning Environmental Compliance into a Retail Advantage.

Where many saw California's legislation regarding the sale and use of PVC as an obstacle, Meguiar's saw opportunity.

Meguiar's, an auto care leader for over 110 years, both Studio One Eleven and Berlin Packaging’s E3 Consulting division to develop a comprehensive plan for transitioning out of PVC, while accounting for and mitigating all supply chain impacts. The goal was not only to switch to a more future-friendly resin, but also to develop a new visual language to build the Meguiar's brand.

The result – packages with a cohesive, bold, yet upscale aesthetic appropriate to Meguiar's broad consumer base. While each product leverages unique visual cues, ranging from contemporary men's personal care to automotive chrome, the entire line maximizes the label panel for powerful retail facing placement.

Post launch, the SKUs quickly became category-leading products that are now built from more environmentally-friendly materials, effectively positioning Meguiar’s for the future.