Turtle Wax Zip Wax

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Turtle Wax Zip Wax

Green turtles, greener packages.

As part of their sustainability initiative, Walmart challenged Turtle Wax to upgrade their Zip Wax packaging. Turtle Wax teamed with Studio One Eleven to tackle this initiative.

After an in-depth review of the Turtle Wax brand, the category competitors, and a user ethnography, our team targeted several areas for improvement; these included improved sustainability, enhanced user experience, and increased shelf appeal.

Motivated by the sustainability benefits, a material conversion was made from PVC to HDPE with 25% post-consumer resin. We opted to move the handle to the side of the bottle, giving the consumer a more controlled and comfortable grip. The side-handle also allowed for increased top-load stability while reducing excess splash when dispensing the product. By implementing a 3-sided wrap around label, Turtle Wax was able to increase the label area with a seamless, upscale appearance with foil-stamped accents.

The new designs were fully-refined to capitalize on manufacturing, filling, and transport efficiencies. So not only did Turtle Wax get a package that resinated on-shelf, they were able to maximize the pallet capacity and increase the number of units per truckload by over 12%.