Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax

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Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax

Celebrated turtle gets a new shell.

Turtle Wax, an innovative leader in car care products, engaged Studio One Eleven to re-package their iconic Super Hard Shell Paste Wax (SHS). As a first step, we conducted an in-depth review of the car care category and paste wax product landscape. Based on our findings, we suggested that Turtle Wax steer the design of the traditional SHS product more toward 'heritage' and 'authenticity' rather than aggressiveness, helping to attract the growing female car enthusiast segment.

The resulting Super Hard Shell Paste Wax package assembly is comprised of four custom components. When assembled, the jar, the recessed continuously threaded lid, the applicator sponge, and the translucent over-cap are reminiscent of the brand's iconic turtle shell. The die cut label includes a foil-stamped turtle brand mark that connotes the Turtle Wax shine.

By replacing the outgoing thermoformed styrene overcap with a more durable injection molded polypropylene version, we were able to improve strength, stackability, and storage for the applicator sponge. We engineered a proprietary twist-open, locking mechanism that ensures the package stays neatly sealed, stacked, and oriented on shelf, all while fitting within the envelope of the outgoing package.

Turtle Wax and Studio One Eleven worked together from concept to commercialization, resulting in a new look for Super Hard Shell Paste Wax that is recognizable, brand appropriate, and offers consumers improved functionality.