Polaris Pure

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Polaris Pure

Lube-Tech cleans up.

Lubrication Technologies sought a solution to a perennial issue familiar to anyone who's ever fumbled with a funnel or spilled oil on their crankcase. While funnels solve the spilling issue, they represent a mess unto themselves and never seem to turn up when you need them. In the case of ATV and snowmobiles, the crankcase 'target' is smaller and often inaccessible via a funnel. 

Enter the Polaris Pure dispensing package. Studio One Eleven designed a system that includes a large handle suited to both carrying and pouring (even for users wearing thick mittens or gloves) and a nested bellows spout that can be articulated to fit in tight spots. After use, the spout can be left on the container or collapsed and re-inserted into the container. 

The re-launch of Polaris Pure 128 oz oil was so successful that the Studio's system has been extended into anti-freeze, stabilizers, and a host of other products across three sizes.