Polaris 50th Anniversary Packaging

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Polaris 50th Anniversary Packaging

Packaging a golden anniversary.

For the 50th anniversary of motorsports vehicle manufacturer Polaris Industries, the company that produces Polaris-branded lubricants saw an opportunity to rev up sales by putting some visual horsepower into their commemorative packaging. The marketing staff at Lubrication Technologies wanted a fresh solution that would evoke the essence of the Polaris experience – the thrill of the ride.

Studio One Eleven was engaged to make this idea come to life. The designs culminated in a pair of 32 oz packages that resemble the machines for which the products are intended. One bottle has the silhouette of an all-terrain vehicle, the other a snowmobile. Both are rendered in deep pearlescent gold HDPE in tribute to Polaris' golden anniversary, embossed on the neck and body with Polaris' starburst logo and the proclamation '50 Years'. 

In creating these limited-edition containers, Studio One Eleven overcame molding process challenges and other technical hurdles to put consumers vicariously in the driver's seat while simultaneously delivering functional oil bottles. "Polaris is an icon in the world of ATVs and snowmobiles, and we wanted packages that would reflect that status," said Lubrication Technologies. "These containers are like pieces of art. They don’t look like anything else on the shelf."