Brava Synthetic Motor Oil

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Brava Synthetic Motor Oil

Radical geometry meets strong utility.

Innovation is not a word generally associated with motor oil packaging. Puerto Rican oil company Brava was able to disrupt the Central American market with a package design combining radical new geometries, creative use of color, and strong utility. The 4-liter package, crafted by Studio One Eleven, stands out in a retail aisle dominated by square and round motor oil packages thanks to its sharp angles and unusually tall proportions.

Five bottle colors—orange, red, silver, bronze, and black—delineate the five grades of oil in Brava’s line. Utility is assured by shedding weight—the HDPE container scales at 155 grams vs. typical 200 grams—and incorporating a handle easily gripped by large, greasy hands. To avoid spills and improve aim over cramped oil spouts, the package was engineered to pour only after tipping to 30 degrees, a steeper and more convenient angle than competing packages.

Brava credits the new packaging with a doubling of orders and new distribution in Panama, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.